7 Characteristics of Product Led Organisations

Product-led organisations are uniquely placed to benefit from the boom in AI technology today.

Is your company, a product-led organisation, that is poised to do the same?

If you’re not sure, check if your company has the following characteristics:

  1. Puts the product is at the core of the organisation. Each function in the organisation to the product
  2. Embraces a customer centric approach. The organisations drives value by understanding and meeting the needs of its customers
  3. Data-driven decisions. Decision-making is informed by metrics, analytics, and user feedback.
  4. Product led growth. Your company markets and acquires customers via the product
  5. Great onboarding experiences. Your company personalises the onboarding experience and hyper personalises it where possible.
  6. Help users help themselves. For example, you employ in-app chat assistants or help tools to enable users to self serve.
  7. Continuous feedback loops. You collect user feedback by default and use it to improve products

If your company isn't product-led yet, I would recommend starting with one element of the check list. Understanding and endeavouring to meet your users' needs is a great first step to becoming customer-centric. Another is to make product development decisions based on data rather than instinct.

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